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“Health tourism Brazil – Plastic Surgery of the male mammary gland Gynecomastia, ambulatory procedure and brazilian medical care. ”

Gynecomastia is manifested by the enlargement of the male mammary gland, and may be caused by hormonal factors, drugs, and use of some medications, idiopathics, tumors and obesity.

The surgery requires resection of the male mammary gland through a cut on the areola, liposuction or the combination of both procedures.

Surgery may be performed as an ambulatory procedure, or it may require hospital admittance. Local, epidural and general anesthetics may be used.

Edema, pain and ecchymosis may occur and post-op physical therapy sessions may be necessary. The patient may also need to wear compression garments for weeks.

Most patients return to their normal activities after 1 to 2 weeks, though the patient should abstain from more rigorous activities for a period of 8 weeks.



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