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The Clinic Leger is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for medical and aesthetics assistance, including facial fillers, body fillers and laser procedures in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

Clinic Leger in Porto Alegre

Dr. Guimarães Rosa St, 155. Boa Vista. CEP: 90480-080. fone: + 55 51 3012-4070/3012-4071.

Avenida das Américas, 3301, bloco 4, sala 301. Barra da tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. CEP - 22631-001. Telefones:+ 55 (21) 2492-0053/3328-2084

Clinic Leger in São Paulo bioplasty sao paulo


Alameda Maracatins, 1435. Bairro Moema, conj. 206 - 207. CEP 04089-015. Telefones:+ 55 (11) 2228-0531/2367-4816.




São Paulo:
+55 11 4063-3338
Rio de Janeiro:
+55 21 4063-8333
Rio Grande do Sul:
+55 51 4063-8333
+55 81 4062-9919

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iso 9001


Clinic Leger The information on this site is informative and educational and in no way should be used for self-diagnosis, self-treatment or self-medication. When in doubt, a doctor should be consulted. Only he is entitled to practice the medical, as recommended by the Federal Council of Medicine. Head Coach: RJ Dra. Gina Matzenbacher CRM-RJ 854492. RS Dra. Danuza Dias Alves CRM-RS 36568. SP Dr. Roberto Chacur CRM-SP 124125.