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XII World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

Between days 26 and 28 of March of 2015 was the XII edition of the World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine. Held in the Convention Center of the Frei Caneca Shopping Mall in Sao Paulo, the meeting was attended by three professionals physicians Leger.

One of the topics dealt with the Wire of Sustaining of Polylactic acid (Suture Silhouette). The bioplastia gluteus was discussed as there were more than two thousand cases of comparative mode. Finally, the recent article from the doctor: the Treatment 4T.

One of the doctors addressed the issues concerning the complications of CO2 fractionated and the treatment of melanoses with YAG - laser, used in treatments to lighten or eliminate small facial vessels or body. With two papers presented, the Clinic Leger sees the congress as an opportunity for professional growth, where the main goal of the participants is to acquire knowledge, learn about new technologies and possibilities of treatments, as well as getting to know people and colleagues with the same goals.

Other professional in the clinic was also part of the event, the physician was the host of the first panel, on the 26th of March, and had two jobs. One of these studies was on stem cells, as soon as the morning of opening, and another on vulvar fill in panel intimate aesthetic.

The administration of the purpose of the event is to make this the best conference of the area that has already happened in Sao Paulo. In this edition, the convention had speakers, participants and physicians from various parts of the world. All geared to deepen the knowledge and share new advances in aesthetic medicine.



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